Hello and welcome to my first ever blog.

Having read an article in last weeks Waitrose Weekend magazine by Jo Kneale, I have finally been persuaded to write a blog about my special garden.  One that I never realised until last weekend is actually on the cutting edge of fashion and is actually more of a Hygge (hue-gah) garden and not just strangely weird.

My garden is gradually becoming more Hygge, lovely  and very me, now that I have begun to use plants with names that mean something to me. So out goes the white border, that pretty plant from the garden centre that quickly dies, or any other latest trend. Instead I meander round the garden centre looking for plants with names, not latin names, but names that are in my family, or as an avid bird watcher, contain a bird name, or have a romantic theme, or something that makes me laugh.

This means that the plants mean so much more to me. I am labelling my plants, but I know what they are called because they are already special.  As I look at them or tend to them my mind drifts and I recall happy times, conversations, where I saw that bird, what I know about that bird, and I am in my own cosy gardening world – my own Hygge.

I plan to write and tell you about the plants as they appear, what I am sowing, growing,  cutting and pruning. Basically the ups and downs of Myhyggegarden. I wish it had the ring of Barnsdale or Long Meadow, but it is a small narrow but wide urban south facing back garden, and an upward north facing front garden.

I would love to hear about your thoughts and ideas, tips and helpful comments.