Mumsie Sweet Peas



Remember you Mum with these delightful sweet peas.

Back in March I showed you the  Mother’s Day card I had made using a Mumsie sweet pea seed packet from Pennard Plants in Somerset. Close up the seed packet designs are exquisite. Now I can think of her every time I pick a bunch of Mumsie Sweet Peas.

Well the seeds were sown and in less than 3 months are now in full bloom.

Sweet peas need to be picked EVERY day, the more you pick, the more you get. As soon as they have set seed they stop producing flowers. However unless you REALLY water them the stems also get shorter as the plants age.

I am a little worried about Mumsie as the stems were quite short to start with, but they are such a glorious deep dark pink colour.  A complete contrast to the delicate pink and blue and white from Anniversary, Bristol, Honeymoon and Pip’s Cornish Cream. These have had strong long stems and bloomed together now for over a month, the fragrance is fantastic, and only now are the stems getting shorter. ‘Water more’ is the mantra I keep telling myself.

However if you do miss a flower and it does set seed, pick it off when you can see the small pea shaped seeds and leave it to ripen on the windowsill. Then pop the seeds into an envelope and keep them dry and safe, and in the autumn / spring you can plant them ready for next summer. Only then will you know if the variety is really true, or whether the bees have cross pollinated it and you have a new variety. One for you to name – as long as it continues to stay true.

Thanks Mum for all your gardening wisdom you shared with me.




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