Summer Carousel


Sometimes clever things just happen. Well they do to me and I can never remember how I achieved them. Oh for that gardeners log book that is on my Christmas list!

I am loving my  hanging basket that’s brightening up the former brick store! Yes, a huge neatly stacked pile of spare bricks, that I was losing interest in trying to make pretty. So, finally they have been moved to the side of the house where as far as I am concerned they’ve gone. Earlier this year, the blue tits inspected the bird box, and duly moved in and successfully reared four chicks. So with the bricks and the birds it was difficult to tend to the hanging basket. I had planted Bidens Golden Eye (a duck for the bird theme), and some Calibrachoa which perform so well in hanging baskets, a couple of hair cuts and they spring back into bloom within a week! I also popped in some of Mr Fothergill’s Nasturtium Summer Carousel seeds (my daughters middle name is Summer so they fit my Hygge theme of plants with names of birds or people who mean something to me.) I had a few too many seeds in my hand once I had sown all the little pots. Well the nasturtiums have loved the basket and smothered all the other plants. Now they are intermingled with the name unknown purple clematis (I suspect a Jackmani). By pure chance they have all decided to flower within days of each other!  Pure luck.

Finally after a quick visit to Ikea, we have installed an Applaro table set that hangs from the wall. This is the only place we found that sells practical small garden furniture at a reasonable price.

Now we have our own perfect nook for those morning coffees, teas, and cheeky ciders in the evening. Pelargonium Bird Dancer (a tiny but strong plant bought from Special Plants last year,) even matches the cushion covers.

One happy Hygge gardener.




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