Minted – Tickling potatoes


The swift potatoes are now looking tatty. Tatty potatoes are a sign that they are ready, but instead of going gung-ho and dig up the entire plant, I am going to tickle them.


First I am gently pulling the leaves to one side. Next I have a little feel around with my hands to see if I can feel little hard potato. Lift and you maybe lucky, it will either be a stone, or a beautiful fresh new potato to pop into your collecting bowl. By doing this I should be able to let the potatoes that are growing lower down to continue. However if you only love those tiny little new potatoes just dig the whole plant up.

To make the most of your delicious crop do make sure that you have a mint plant nearby. You can easily get a piece of mint to grow roots by leaving it in a pot of water until little roots appear, or, plant up a live plant from the shops into a bigger pot. However, word of warning, KEEP IT IN A POT, for if like me who didn’t heed this advice you will find it sprouting up in your lawn, as the roots tend to run underground and spread far and wide!hydroponics-mint.jpg


Mint is a largish family and you can get many different varieties including, spearmint, lemon mint, even chocolate mint, but good old garden mint is all you need to really bring out the flavour of new potatoes, peas, beans and young carrots. Plus a Pimm’s definitely needs it.

I will leave you with that thought as I sit down to Hygge in the sunshine.




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