The sweet smell of success!


The sweet peas have suddenly romped up the obelisks and started to flower.

It always surprises me that sweet peas germinate quite quickly, pop up and grow leaves in days. They then spend ages hardly growing, you plant them out and they struggle to climb the first foot (30cm) Then they’re off and within a week, managed to climb the next rung, before teasing me with a glimpse of buds, then within days I opened the back door and discovered that my genius idea had worked, planting some by the door meant that the  sweet smell of sweet peas hit me!

Surprise number 2, all four varieties (Bristol, Honeymoon, Anniversary and Pip’s Cornish Cream)  have all flowered on the same day!

Next year I am going to ask Santa for a gardening log book, so that I KNOW how many days from planting to flowering. (I do know that it’s 100 days for gladioli.) By checking back through the blog posts it has taken about 14 weeks – aka 98 days – 100 days!   What a coincidence!

In the meantime I will sit back and remember Bristol (the beautiful pale purple sweet pea) which is where I have worked for over 25 years, so as you can imagine the memories are immense. Pip’s Cornish Cream reminds me of ice cream so am getting ready to treat my darling grand daughter Pippa. I will also snigger at memories involving a red bus and yellow bus during our honeymoon, and remember and be thankful for our anniversaries – as one friend once said, birthdays are inevitable, but anniversaries need hard work! So true.

Enjoy hyggering in your garden this week. What memories will you recall?



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