Ladybird, ladybird fly away home.



Poppy (Papaver) Ladybird, what a treat. I’m pretty pleased with this photo as well.

This poppy surprisingly popped up at the back of the border – all the labels completely hidden by the ever increasing greenery. I bought this plant at a sale, so I didn’t grow it from seed.

I had sort of promised myself that I would only buy bird named plants, or plants with names of my family. This one is on the cusp, as everyone knows that a ladybird isn’t a bird! However it was the nickname I had from my Nana when I was growing up, and therefore it reminds me of this wonderful strong tall mother of six, five boys and just the one girl. Although I don’t remember living in her house until I was three, I know she would have played an active part in looking after me, teaching me about plants, birds,  most things in nature, and human compassion.

So this tall plant that has risen above all the smothering greenery, showing her determination to flower and set seed really does remind me of her and brings back many memories.

Over the weeks I have promised to let you know how other plants are doing but pride comes before a fall, so sadly I have to report that my Swift potatoes are beginning to look a bit tatty, but haven’t flowered yet so I will leave them for the time being. Unfortunately they were caught with the frost which spoilt their leaves. My wonderful crop of Brown Turkey figs also dropped off, even though I did get the small tree in a black sack. Not sure if it was the frost or lack of water. Similarly my plan of  an abundant crop of Linnet peas has also been disappointing, so I have planted some more – at least with so many in a packet I have plenty to make a second sowing.

On the positive side we are now enjoying broad beans – no bird names here, just the ever reliable Aquadulce, and Victoria rhubarb – great with a teaspoon of chopped stem ginger stirred in.

Finally this Thursday I am hosting on a garden at the Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet, so if any of you are visiting, please pop by and say hello.


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