Morning has broken, blackbird has spoken…..

Oh how I love their singing. One was just singing his socks off out in the garden, which has inspired todays blog.

Penstemon Blackbird

I have only recently discovered the large family of Penstemons. How did I missed them? Why are they so good?

  1. They seem to be resistent to slug and snail attack.
  2. They are perennial plants, which means they come up every year. Although the narrower the leaf the more hardy they are. However they do become tired after a few years, but see point 5 and it’s not an issue.
  3. They don’t need staking, just put up spires of flowers, which if you pick encourage the plant to create even more.
  4. Flower from June until the first frosts.
  5. Really easy to grow from cuttings – see the picture on the right – In the spring when I cut the plant back to encourage it to grow new stems, I simply took some of the compost destined waste, cut the leaves down by a half, slid them down the edge of the square pots. Six weeks later I have 16 new plants to put into the garden. I’ll let you know if they flower!
  6. Finally, with varieties called, blackbird, raven, white swan, which already adorn my bird themed garden I am now on the search for firebird, osprey, whitethroat, flamingo and woodpecker to add even more species of these easy going generous plants.

With the weather set to be glorious, and Chelsea on TV this is the season to enjoy your garden. Go and Hygge your garden.






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