Easter hens and chicks


Happy Easter everyone. It’s the season of chicks and eggs.


For those of you who are new to my blog, I am writing every week about my garden which contains plants that are named after my family, birds or ones that create a memory. When I walk around these plants enable my mind to drift of remembering all kinds of memories. Hence the blog name of My Hygge garden – pleasure from small things.

There is something architecturally beautiful about Sempervivums and they have become even more lovely since I have learnt that as a huge family (1,600+) their nickname is ‘Hens and chicks’. It suits them down to the ground, and with a family and bird themed garden, I can expand this easy to grow families of plants.

So, I need to find a large round shallow terracotta dish which I can fill with a gritty free draining compost. I will then add a gravel path and a few rocks (my husband has had a habit of collecting one special stone from various beaches over the last few years, and I think this would make a better resting place for them than on his study desk!) With a tasteful little house and a few dolls house accessories it will grow into a robust fairy garden for my delightful grand-daughter, Pippa to play with when she comes to visit. I am hoping that this play garden will provide the seed that will probably take years or even a decade to germinate,  but will eventually enable her to find enjoyment from gardening.

So, with memories of my own childhood, when I had my own chick called Arabella floating in mind, I will leave you enjoy all those Easter eggs and chick filled days. Whatever you do over Easter,  enjoy the moment, the perfume, the colours and hopefully some sunshine.




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