Tulips from Amsterdam



I am so pleased with this wonderful tulip called Happy Family, even though it is supposed to be a multi-flowered tulip. I guess it produced single flowers because I didn’t plant the bulbs deep enough. (Typically I used the pots I had to hand)  I just love the colour and the shape – I hadn’t appreciated until this spring how much tulips open and close depending on the amount of sun.

I bought Happy Family as a Christmas idea, which I should have been more confident with giving. However I had these left over, and kept them for myself. Sometimes things have a way of working out for the best. I had this idea that giving a tub of Happy Family tulips would be different to my other stalwart Christmas gift ideas of a box of biscuits / chocolates / tin of sweets, which nice as they are to receive, at Christmas you can find that you have one too many. This gift is also gluten-free, diabetic friendly, you name it, they fit the bill as gifts for both friends and neighbours.

Three other tulip names that could make presents are –

  1. Merlot, for those friends who are very fussy over their wine!  Add it alongside a bottle and your gift will be more meaningful. This picture was taken on a very warm day, so the tulips have lost some of their shape, but the colour is perfect.IMG_4346.JPG
  2. Big Brother – even though my brother is younger than me, he is taller, and this tulip is certainly tall, it flowers a little later but is such an elegant shape and exquisite colour.IMG_4723
  3. Finally you can never fail with Big Smiles, another really tall, late flowering tulip that certainly brings a Big Smile to your face.IMG_4724

All you have to do is grab the catalogues and start scanning and planning. There  are over 2,000 varieties of tulips to choose from. However I will remind you nearer the ordering time. However looking at my old catalogue, there is an Easter Surprise, a large yellow tulip….now let me think, who would like one of those next year instead of an Easter Egg. With Easter falling on 1st April, it could make a good April Fools…



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