Peas and Linnets



What a wonderful little bird a linnet is. I have usually seen these birds in flocks as I have wandered along the South West Coast Path. It used to take me sometime to identify it, but it sings as it flits and flies, and it is this that really alerts you to its identification. Then  there’s the fact that you keep seeing them and it is in fact a largish group. Finally you spot the males pinkish breast and it’s crystal clear, it’s the Linnet.

I stumbled upon a packet of Mr Fothergill’s Linnet Pea seeds, available in most garden centres and DIY stores. I have never planted this variety before, having been content to plant the entirely reliable Kelvedon Wonder, using the tough old seeds that I found on the end of last seasons plant to plant the following spring. (I am the original cheapskate)

So in the bright sunshine I made two channels with my hoe and dropped the seeds in every 4 inches (10cm).  All I need to do NOW is to wander over to the woods and find some pea sticks for them to climb up. If I shilly-shally when I push the sticks into the ground I will undoubtedly damage the tender young roots. If I can’t find any pea sticks, then I will have to find another way.

I guess I will be using the left over mesh that we used to stop the squirrels and badger digging up the wild spring meadow, which I am delighted with, here’s what it looks like now. I love the dark pink …which should have been Blue Parrot and Blue Heron but guess I received Cerise Parrot or Bastogne Parrot.(What a wonderful mistake)..and the really deep rich red of Merry Christmas at the back.img_4104.jpgBefore I go, I am off to fill the watering can with some tomato feed, to feed all those tiny young small plants, the new sweet peas, about to show dahlias, the budding clematis, etc. When do you need the most food?  When you’re young or a growing teenager, so do the same for your plants. This is when I really Hygge, mothering my plants and reflecting on their development.

Who will I find in my garden tonight?



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