Daddy’s girl


Memories, memories.

As I glimpse out of my study window I spy a bank of Martin-ette speckled with Jenny daffodils. Daddy  (Martinette) with his little girl (Jenny) twisting him round her little finger. The side border edged with good strong Fortune daffodils. I gently realise how blessed I am. Before I know it I have stopped and recalled so many happy times. Hygge gardening, who would believe a few plants could make such a difference to your well being.

I am very pleased with last years project which was to turn my dull bank into something wonderful. The soil is poor, and it’s hard to mow.  So I bought some bulbs from J. Parkers. Now the tulips are pushing through and teasingly showing tints of red, maybe Merry Xmas, Happy Family, Big Brother, Big Smiles,  Jimmy  or even a Parrot or Heron variety.

  • Obviously there are lessons to learn and that’s the thing with gardening it’s always teasing you into changing this and that. So…I need to find a Robert daffodil, and thanks to Mr Scamp (his name conjures up a wonderful image) at Quality Daffodils sending me his catalogue, I think I have found an almost match – Bally- Robert, or will I choose First born, decisons, decisions. I can add some more bulbs in the autumn to make spring a carpet of husband and two children.  I like this idea. Which variety shall I choose?

Ballyrobert                                                       First Born

  • The grass hasn’t grown as much as I expected so this year I won’t mow after early October , so that the grass can better support the daffodils.
  • Finally I think I will add some Harmony iris – and I am quite pleased with this photo I took.


With harmony amongst my family what more could I want.

How can you Hygge your garden?










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