Peek – a -boo, I see sweet peas


Well the seeds that I planted from Forde Abbey have ALL germinated. They have been outside for nearly a month and have become quite hardy.

So I had a look around for some sort of structure for them to climb up – I have tried various cane / stick structures over the years but they always look, well, plain naff. I took a deep breath at the initial prices…..actually this is always a good way to start because then once you start looking, everything else is a bargain!

Wilko’s came to my rescue yet again….this time on line. 0298560_l.jpgIt is made of steel, and has nuts and bolts – was trickier than an Ikea flat pack to make, but I got there, with a little bit of help from my friend and his spanner, but at £6 I think it is what I need, so I bought 3 and paid £4 for the postage, not much less than the car park fee. I am delighted. Those legs really poke down well to make it stable and robust.

Yesterday I planted up the 4 types of sweet pea:- 3 of each variety  on each corner of the obleisk


Anniversary – Our wedding anniversary is just before Christmas, so no chance of them flowering for that! But I will stand and stare and remember the occasion, and the other numerous anniversaries. As one person said to me, birthdays just come, wedding anniversaries need more celebration because you have to work so hard to maintain the partnership!

Bristol – I worked in Bristol for nearly 25 years – Wow, that’s crazy. So loads of memories from Bristol. Mainly laughter I have to admit, as one new friend said, ‘I love the lines on your face it shows you have had a happy life!’ I suppose that’s one way of looking at it, and I had better go and buy a new pot of moisturiser.

Honeymoon – Well I had a honeymoon, and it was a few years ago in Austria, in the snow – will it be a white sweet pea???

Pip’s Cornish Cream – Pippa is the apple of my eye as she is my only grandchild. She has yet to visit Cornwall, but I am sure that when she comes in the summer we will be able to enjoy some homemade yoghurt scones, strawberry jam and Rhodda’s clotted cream! Ummmm good idea. It should be a Hygge moment.

All I have to do now is the keep shouting at the pigeons to stop them pecking the nice green leaves – but now I have an idea – I’m off to find an old cd to hang from the middle. Genius stuff this blogging….See you soon.


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