A host of golden daffodils, …. And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.



Well I tried to create a host of golden daffodils, but there is still room for more.

Last autumn I discovered by mistake that I could buy daffodils wholesale – Who knew 25 bulbs or more count as wholesale? So I poured over J. Parkers list. Some bird names: Bittern, Goose green, Petrel, Pheasant’s eye, Pipit, and Quail, then tulips, well I’ll leave that for another day.

They arrived and my energy soared. I would plant them in clusters, daffodils always need to be in groups – not in straight lines in my opinion. So I found 6 gaps in the narrow border in the front which used to contain the hedge. Then I planted the rest hither and dither believing that I was a squirrel and remember where I had planted them. I’ve not got a Scoobies. So I am aghast – the border is OK but just straight forward King Alfred’s, but I am hoping some of the bird ones are appearing and will flower a little later.

In my confusion (what me? – never!) I threw loads of bulbs into a bucket and then tossed them over the sloping lawn to make a wild bulb meadow / excuse not to have to mow the lawn until later in the year. So this is how it is looking.img_3968

Lesson learnt –  I  realise now that I stood at the top of the bank and forgot to drop some near my feet, so you can see exactly where I stood. In autumn I will have to repeat the exercise with some more bulbs and try to fill in the semi-circle under the tree. Hopefully I am going to see all the bird daffodils, plus Blue Heron and Blue Parrot tulips, Mother’s Love, Big Brother, Happy Family and Merry Xmas tulips. I will also show you my tub of these bulbs – I gave several tubs away as Christmas presents….I wonder how they are getting on.

Enjoy the dancing daffodils wherever you are.


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