Mother’s Day ideas


At the weekend I wandered along to our village ‘Potato Day’ where Pennard Plants, who specialise in Heritage plants come along and sell, well, potatoes plus assorted seeds, fruit trees and a glorious selection of odd things.

Apart from the potatoes I also found some, new to me, sweet pea seeds – Mumsie. A flash of inspiration hit me, a Mother’s day card with a packet of sweet pea seeds taking centre stage. It may not be  the most artistic of cards – but it is unique. I actually love Pennard’s illustrations – each packet is so individual. But, I have discovered that Mr Fothergill’s also sell Mumsie seeds.

So I then thought about expanding the Hygge idea – how about giving Mum a ‘Mum plant’ I have planted ‘Mother’s Love’ tulips, but they are only just poking through. With some warm sunshine I may just be in luck to see these budding, but unlikely to be as splendid as this illustration from J Parkers.


I then used my trusty RHS plant finder, and was surprised, I expected more. There’s Mother’s Day Rose and Rhododendron, Rose – Mum in a million, a  Fuchsia – My mum, a peony – Mother’s choice and an apple tree simply called Mother.

So if you find any other plants called Mum or Mother please share these with me. I do know chrysanthemums and known as ‘mums’ but they flower much later in the year.

All of us need a Mum in our garden to look at and remember all those little things she did,  because being a mum doesn’t come with a handbook and it is a really tough job. But, no matter what you do, remember Mother’s Day on Sunday March 26th, and it’s shorter this year as it falls on the same day the clocks go forward.

Enjoy the warmer weather and take delight in seeing your garden coming to life.



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