I have moved a Christmas Box (Sarcococca hookeriana humilis). This is an excellent little, slow growing plant, that I have in a pot between the garage doors. So I moved it to the other side by the side entrance door. What a good move!  The smell is delightful. Even my husband who has a poor sense of smell commented on it as he bent down to take his shoes off. Hygge….joy as you come into the house. If you place it in sunshine the smell is even better.

So, my advice today is to acquire a Christmas Box, by taking cuttings later in the year. Pop a note on your calendar to take a cutting in late summer. I’ve written mine down for 19th August, so take a stroll around your area and find out where these wonderful little plants are, and then try to remember to take a cutting in the autumn or grab one of the shiny black seeds and pop it in a pot….like most free gardening it is always worth givings things a go for free.

However, if you are more of a garden centre person, nip off and buy one now and enjoy the smell, then take a cutting or two, or plant the seeds – little shiny black seeds that form once the flowers have faded, then Christmas 2019, which seems like an age away, you have the perfect gift….A Christmas Box!

I just love giving plants with the right name as gifts.

If you work for a charity, think how easily these would sell at a Christmas Market! Now that is a Hygge moment.




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