How to find plants by name


This is tricky – as I am also a learner.

The other day I happened to be visiting Wilko’s in Eccles. I love it. So whilst my husband disappeared for ten minutes to get some keys cut, I enjoyed reading all the names of the seeds and bagged little plants. Wilkinsons is excellent value and has a really wide selection of plants, well they do in Eccles.

However my enjoyment was made easier because I have been creating a spreadsheet of names – sad but true.

I have discovered the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) and their amazing plant finder database. It indicates how many nurseries stock the plant. Basically the bigger the number the easier the task. Places that sell plants, i.e. DIY outlets, chain garden centres, don’t qualify as nurseries, but may also sell the plant you are looking for. However if it is just one nursery that stocks your plant, you are in luck and dealing with one passionate nursery grower – but one word of warning, passionate about their plants and not necessarily their computers (if they have one!) But, these problems can usually be resolved with a handful of patience.

So I have been quietly working my way through my trusty bird book and inserting the name into the RHS plant finder website. Which looks like this:-20170216_202324



So all you need is a list of names of your family, John, Sue, Mark, Mary etc. Then you can think of some of their attributes, kind, cricket fan, baker, etc. However, some personal descriptions are hard to put your finger on, in which case I have to sign post your to Mickfields Hostas. This nursery has such a fun, magical way of naming plants. I always smile as I  read his catalogue. For example, ‘Sum and Substance’ – just conjures up the perfect plant for a larger than life head of an organisation, somehow a rugby boss springs to my mind.

So, settle down and start your spreadsheet, mine has a sheet for birds, family, weddings, sympathy, and other great names! Then columns for latin name, name, number of nurseries, when it flowers, etc. This way I can sort the information easily.

In the meantime take yourself along to any store and start selecting seeds with great names, and plan when and where you are going to plant them.

Happy Hygge-ing



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