Snow Buntings




I planted these bulbs back in the Autumn, before My Hygge Garden plan existed. Up until January I didn’t realise that Hygge was the word for this weird idea that I had for planting plants with names that meant something to me.

Oh what a joy these crocus are. I planted them in a round shallow bowl that is just in front of my kitchen door – so everytime I look out, or spin around I glimpse the progress of these bulbs. Next Autumn I’m going to have even more low round bowls on the patio. It  has made my heart sing. The first little shoots that quickly began to look like Hydra. Pointy arched leaves. Then the bulbous flowers began to form, and now with the sunshine after the cold weekend I have these beautiful crocus flowers. Today I even saw my first bee with great big pollen sacks on his legs.

But why this variety of crocus. Well, it helps me remember one of my half term weekend breaks, which we didn’t even realise was Valentines weekend, we were just two worn out workers in desperate need of a treat. We went to Malvern. As walkers we set off on the Saturday in a cold brisk wind, one that had the odd hard flake of snow in it. Once we walked up along Happy Valley we climbed up onto Worcestershire Beacon.  We paused to take in the  marvellous views of stunning scenery, but then noticed a bird watcher or two, quietly hopping over the shiny white rocks were these stunning little birds – snow buntings. Blown in from the north. An unusual sight. My only sighting of these delightful little birds – but one that I treasure. One that I remember more now that it is planted by my kitchen door.

Hygge your memories by planting meaningful plants in your garden.

I’ll tell you how I find the plants next time.





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