A-hazing tiny flowers



Yet another sign of Spring – those wonderful pale yellowy green Hazel catkins which are also known as lamb’s tails. They started appearing in late Autumn as tight little bud like catkins, and have recently become more prominent. Now they are slowly beginning to elongate and turn more yellow. So now is the time to Hygge – and really look, really search for the Hazel flowers. These are so tiny and small, like a beautiful little red raspberry hydra. This is where the nut will form. These are the female flowers. Catkins are the male, spread their yellow pollen in the warm spring breeze, or stiff gale depending on your senseĀ  of reality. So, take note of where they are, and watch and wait ( just like the squirrels) to see the hazel nuts develop.

In the meantime you have plenty of time to research your favourite hazelnut biscotti recipe. Imagine, sitting by a roaring autumnal log fire, sipping a warming cup of coffee and eat you own hazelnut biscotti – Bring on the small pleasures.


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