Planning aka dreaming


I am longing for my garden to blossom – but that will only happen slowly, and as real gardeners know, you have to sit and enjoy a cup of tea to take in the beauty of all your hard work. So I have ordered some seeds- adding to my bird theme.




Firstly Dierama Blackbird which is also known as Angel’s Fishing Rod which should look like this. What a beautiful airy delicate plant, I can just imagine it blowing in the breeze by a seat in the warm summer sunshine with a blackbird pecking in the soil around the base of the plant.

Sadly, the RHS state that it might take up to 5 years to flower from seed. But I can plant them now! With a 30 day germination period I will let you know. I will tag RP seeds to let them know how we are doing.



Next, Aquilegia Songbird Dove. Aquilegias come in a range of colours but I rather like these soft dove grey beautiful  bee pleasing late spring flowers. I always hope that if I deadhead them I may possibly get a second crop of flowers, but alas they flower just the once.  So enjoy the moment when the flower heads dance in the breeze.If you let the seedheads ripen they will scatter their seed generously and new plants soon grow to flower the following year. However with bees pollinating all day long, the seed seldom resembles the adult plant.  Plant in clumps to maintain selected varieties.


Finally Celosia Flamingo Feather has an RHS Award of Merit, which I am hoping will mean that it is a strong plant. At 80cm height I am anticipating that this will be a real asset to my low garden. I know I need to add height to increase interest, so hoping that this will enjoy the sunny border at the front of my top patio in front of the sweet peas. Apparently the flowers can be cut or  used dried in bridal bouquets – now that would be good in the house in winter to create a hygge atmosphere.

I hope that I am inspiring you to think about your Hygge garden.

  • Think about what is important to you, write down your family members names, what you love, makes you smile and I will show you how to create a list of plants that you can use to make your own special Hygge garden

See you soon








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