First harvest of the year.


Although I thought that I would struggle to write once a week, I find that I am really enjoying this blogging……so today?

With yet another beautiful frosty sunny morning I just had to get out into the garden. After a bit of gentle gardenwork, I started digging and improving  a patch by the back door. The plan:- to plant a wigwam of sweet peas, who germinated yesterday, on both sides of the step down into the garden. This way I will be able to smell them every time I go in and out. Suddenly a great whaft of scent hit me, and it wasn’t the sweet pea fragrance I was thinking about, instead garlic!


So I rescued these ‘weeds’ and took them to the kitchen – a sudden stroke of inspiration hit me. Herb and garlic omlette for lunch, and possibly if I looked in the fridge I could rustle up something to go with it. I hit upon colourful red cabbage and carrot slaw with garlic omlette. Thanks Bath Foodcycle for improving my improved creative cooking.

20170125_125146                       20170125_122409

As I tidied up my tools I had one last meander and found these early spring flowers – no names, just early and delightful primroses. They are now on the hall table reminding me that even though it is cold outside natures beauty carries on.

Hygge – eating your own fresh rich food, and admiring the delicacy of early spring flowers.  Relax, check that your tongue isn’t clamped to the roof of your mouth pushing up your blood pressure and enjoy the simple pleasures.




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