Today is a ‘Peek-a-boo I see you’ type of day.

Following a beautiful frosty morning I took a peek at my sweet pea seeds. In fear of them not germinating, and not owning a heat pad I had snooked them onto my utility window sill.(Hoping tidy husband wouldn’t see them). Without any heat out there it is still cold, but maybe a degree or two warmer than the shed.To my utter delight all four varieties have some germination – Yippee.


As you can see, I have planted the seeds in old toilet rolls / kitchen roll.

  1. I believe it encourages the seeds to  grow longer roots.
  2. The cardboard will decomposes around them.
  3. The roots will be less disturbed.
  4. I will plant them deep enough not to see the cardboard.
  5. The cardboard holds moisture while the seeds germinate

However, this is not a gardening blog, it is a Hygge blog. Hygge is a Danish word that describes a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special.

So on this germination day these sweet peas are:-

  1. Pip’s Cornish Cream – Pippa is ‘The apple of my eye’ just toddling grand-daughter.     I just had to buy those seeds. I need no encouragement to think and smile about her.
  2. Anniversary – Ours is just before Christmas, and each year we try to have a little holiday before the big day. Amazingly so many have been lovely dry walking days enjoying the South West Coast Path. We are now just over halfway and have walked 315+ miles, and hardly any in the rain! That is an achievement! Great memories.
  3. Bristol – A wonderful city that I worked in for over 20 years. Two schools providing loads of  memories. I’ll tell you about those in due course.
  4. Honeymoon – Many years ago in the snow in Austria.

Let’s hope the rest emerge soon. I bought the seed from a visit with the gardening club to Forde Abbey in Dorset – another wonderful day out with delightful memories.

I believe cold slow starts lead to good strong plants. Which means that the gardening joy develops. So if you want to enjoy the delicious smell of sweet peas all summer long, plant yours soon. Other names that amuse me are Pinocchio, for those with children, Sweet Dreams, and Bright and Breezy, but whatever type you buy, you will be so pleased when they flower and you begin that summer ritual of cutting yet another bunch to keep them flowering.

How have you Hygge today?




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